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When was the last time you read a book by a Black author? Was it recently?

The good news is all that is about to change because this is our vision at Buy Black Authors. Our goal is to "introduce the world to Black Storytellers. While we may be chasing a huge goal, we are confident. We know that our stories deserve to be read. By working together, we will succeed together."

Buy Black Authors was founded by Ogden Rattliff as an Instagram page in 2021 and we unapologetically offer only Black, African American, Black African, Afro Caribbean, or Afro Global authors.

At Buy Black Authors, we are reading activists that educate ourselves by reading books by Black authors and we use that knowledge to educate others.

However, it is not limited to books about antiracism or Black history. It could be books that showcase Black life, culture, and history, including fiction, nonfiction, and science fiction books.

You may be asking the question, why should I read books by Black authors?

Well for one, reading a book by Black authors can help in amplifying Black voices. It is a path that leads to empathy and understanding. If you don't read, how will you know?

For a while now, the voices of Black storytellers have been marginalized, they have been excluded from mainstream media and publishing.

According to The New York Times in 2018, people of color wrote just 11% of the books published. And only 5% of authors in the publishing industry identify as Black or African American.

Sometimes the reason Black authors are dismissed is that their books are referred to as "too niche". This means they are too Black or not Black enough. And this has made Black voices to be passed over countless times throughout literary history.

Thankfully, the tide is changing thanks to self-publishing but we still have a long way to go if we want to give a balanced weight to authors of all races and creeds.

You should read books by Black writers because it will help us to better understand the world around us as well as what it means to be Black. It is important to read books by Black authors because the stories help us break down the barriers of inequality, stereotypes, and bias.

When these stories are told, they foster inclusiveness and generate empathy. The simple truth is, if we don't tell stories that reflect the diverse identities within our societies or we completely omit these experiences, then we are erasing these diverse identities and silencing so many voices. And we don't want to do that.

You should read books by Black authors because through the power of storytelling, we understand their struggles and triumphs, their everyday life experiences, and we can relate to it.

Reading the best-selling books by Black authors is important because only a Black person can tell you what it's really like to live in their skin.

And with Buy Black Authors, when we read books by Black authors we are not just supporting and celebrating them, we are making room for authentic storytelling that reflects Black experiences, identities, and voices.

Interestingly, racism, sufferings, and persecutions are not the only things to know about what it means to be Black. That is why it is essential to engage readers with Black literature beyond the narratives of Black struggle.

We have best-selling books by Black authors that also tell about our joys, sorrows, love, heartbreaks, and triumphs because all of the angles matter. That's why on Buy Black Authors we offer fiction, nonfiction, and science fiction books all by Black writers.

It is an open secret that Black authors are more valuable when they write about their experiences with racism, police brutality, and discrimination. This is what famous author Chimamanda Adichie calls the " single-story".

This means that the work of minority authors is used merely to highlight differences and reinforce stereotypes. But the time has come to stop solely seeing Blackness through the eyes of racism and slavery. It is time to bask in the fullness of the Black experience.

It is time to read "issue books" as they provide much-needed insights into the realities and issues. It is time to read fiction books because they can help you relate to people from different lives. It will help you put yourself in the shoes of a character, even when you see things differently.

We need to read books where Black characters go on sci-fi adventures, fall in love, be heroes and do everyday things like everyone else. Black readers also need to be able to see themselves outside of the stereotypic narratives. This is why you should read books by Black authors.

At Buy Black Authors, we challenge you to read 12 books by Black authors in 2022. And we have made this easy to do in any of our Black Book of the Month Book Club series. We call it the "12FOR12" Challenge.

In the series, we offer anti-racist books, children's books, adult fiction, and nonfiction books, young adult fiction books, feminism books, Black History books, and we still have a lot more coming soon.

Also, at Buy Black Authors, we support Black-Owned Bookstores by donating 10% of website book sales to them. So why don't you visit our website today at You can also check out and follow us on Instagram @BuyBlackAuthors 

It is time to start basking in all of the Black experience. Join us today, as we continue to celebrate our heritage.

See you in the book club!

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