• Did you know the Dozens was rooted in slavery?

    "Sam never cracks a smile. "Yeah, Matt, dat mule so skinny till de women is usin' his rib bones fuh uh rub-board, and hangin' things out on his hock-bones tuh dry."" Their Eyes Were Watching God, Zora Neale Hurston, page 52 So you don't know what the Dozens are? Today it's called: Diss, Burn, Flame, Cappin, Snap, Jokin, Yo Mama jokes, Diss Tracks, Cracking, Bagging,...
  • Black Parents Give Their Kids 'The Talk.' What If White Parents Did, Too?

    I remember my parents schooling me on all that my white friends could do with no real consequence, and how the same things could get me killed. Once I processed this, I understood the reality that the world has different rules for Black people, that the people who wear police uniforms get to play by different rules. I understood that the American ideal is...
  • Read Books by Black Authors

    The good news is all that is about to change because this is our vision at Buy Black Authors. Our goal is to "introduce the world to Black Storytellers. While we may be chasing a huge goal, we are confident. We know that our stories deserve to be read. By working together, we will succeed together."
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