Historically, Black independent booksellers have been viewed as the keepers of Black culture.  There are approximately 125 Black owned bookstores in the USA today and with your purchase you are helping to build an ecosystem for Black owned businesses.

Just recently, the Black business ecosystem was disproportionally affected by the pandemic tipping 41% of Black businesses to close from February to April 2020. More than 50 percent of the owners of surviving Black businesses surveyed in May reported being very or extremely concerned about the viability of their businesses. This concern may be linked to having a more difficult time accessing credit since the COVID-19 crisis began; 36 percent of Black business owners responding to the survey said they had difficulty.

You may be asking, how can I support? While there are multiple ways, we believe in learning while you support. By subscribing to the Buy Black Authors Book of the Month Club, you will support up to 3 or more Black owned businesses:

  • The author
  • The bookstore
  • The Buy Black Authors website
  • The affiliate (possibly)

Each Book of the Month subscription is $37 including shipping.

With each book purchase, you will read a book written from the individual author's point of view. A Black person's experience is theirs alone and it will affect how they write.  As you strive to support Black authors and understand different Black people's perspectives, the better ally you can be for the Black community.

For only $37 a month, you will get a best selling book written by a Black author. Ten (10%)  percent of every purchase goes into an earnings pool to be split among all neighborhood Black owned bookstores.

It's easy! Signup today!

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