Why Offer a Book of the Month Club?

Joining a Book of the Month Club featuring Black authors is a great way to establish a sense of community and connection. No matter where you are on your journey as an ally or you want to experience writing from the Black viewpoint, reading a book by a Black author will further your journey. A current best seller by a Black author will be mailed to you each month.

Not only do you support Black authors but Black owned bookstores too. A subscription is set price a month which includes shipping. 

As you make the decision to join the Book of the Month Club, ask yourself, "If I could wake up tomorrow and support Black owned bookstores, how would I do it?" This is a set it and forget it method that will allow you to support Black bookstores, no matter where you are located.

Join us!


Q & A

A few questions:

Why should I subscribe to the Book of the Month Club?

  • We send you books on a regular schedule. Each purchase supports the Black community through bookstores and authors. Plus, we give you a variety of books, all best sellers by Black authors, so you get to experience different types of books.

What if I want to cancel?

  • Just send us an email to support@buyblackauthors.com and you can cancel at any time. No issues.

Do I get any extras?

  • Yes, each month we offer you a special discounted book or coupon that you may use to add on to your order or use separately. We offer this special for our Book of the Month Club members only.
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